सिया राम के अतिशय प्यारे,
अंजनिसुत मारुति दुलारे,
श्री हनुमान जी महाराज
के दासानुदास
श्री राम परिवार द्वारा
पिछले अर्ध शतक से अनवरत प्रस्तुत यह

हनुमान चालीसा

बार बार सुनिए, साथ में गाइए ,
हनुमत कृपा पाइए .

आत्म-कहानी की अनुक्रमणिका

आत्म कहानी - प्रकरण संकेत

सोमवार, 27 अगस्त 2012

हमारे सदगुरुजन

हमारे सदगुरुजन

     चित्र में बाएं से दायें 

हमारे सद्गुरु श्री स्वामी सत्यानन्द जी महाराज  
सद्गुरु डॉक्टर विश्वामित्र महाजन 
सद्गुरु श्री प्रेम जी महाराज 

कलिकाल के ढोंगी 'गुरू'

The cheating guru is 'Guru' then all the villages in India, towns, towns, streets, in schools, in brothels, in cinemas, around non-alcoholic breweries, Ganja opium purchasing centers Around them, in various forms of various forms, they are found to be roasting like a giddha and straying like the paths of the Giddha.
Based on the experience of the loved one!

I am Baliyatik and I have also graduated from Eastern UP by legislation. K, 'B.H. U ', Varanasi [from the then' Banaras Hindu University] !! On the beating of Dunky, I can say that on the ghats of Varanasi, in the thin streets of the streets, while going on a rickshaw or ace, from Nagwa to Gudaulia, I have heard the definitions of such 'gurujans' of Kalikal, as they have seen the pattern. It is not difficult, it is impossible, 

I still hear it!  

Gone in a spiritual satsang whose presidency was a wealthy Seth! Once the diameter bench was vacant, Seth ji got the right to power [because he had his personal property, he had his own comfort]! By sitting on the chair, he called one of his servants in the name, and after finding no answer, approached one another near and said,

"Why the Guru" has become deaf? "! And then, showing his naked legs, he grumped in anger, "Guruji, do we have to put together a hand or should I have to write on the stamp paper, pick up my slippers?" 

You see, 'Guru' who is wearing shoes by wearing slippers in India is also available! 

This "Guru" address is not very respected in all the states of eastern region, because Varanasi is not very respected! The only reason for this devaluation of the word "guru" is that the 'dalikal' exhibition, wealth grasping, the evil of all the miserable traditions of the "gurujan"! Tulsi had said -

All religions of religion are extinct!
Diphkhanhu Nidh Mathi Kalipi Reveased Multiple Sult !! 
[U.K.-97 (A)]

The former minister of the twice-born prajasana a king! Recheck the value of putting corporate discipline !!
Maruj soi jaho jo Joi brother! Pundit Soi Joe Cheek Play !!
Jolly! Ta kahun saint kahiye alahi no !! 
Soi Saiyan who lost money! Joe do Dumbha Sod Bud Bachchari !!
Junk telling lies! Kaliyug Soi Gunwant Bakhna !!
Nirvara, the Shruti path solitaire! Kaliyug soi knowledgeable sleepy !!
Jake nakh aur jata bisala! Sleeping Tooth Famous Black! 

  By the Saint Tulsi Das, the mischief gurus of Kalikal 
Do not just say anything ahead of this meaningful definition! 
And then we have been caught by such a distinguished teacher in this jihad!
This is the end of the story here!

In the next issue about 'Sadhguru', I will try to write something on the basis of inspiration!  

loved one ! It seems that over the last few days, lost or dormant?
 My thoughts, 'My dear sage Guru' has been awakened today with grace! 
 Give blessings to the elder, best wishes to the loved ones that I can accomplish this 'Ram work'!

Announcer:  V. N. Srivastava "Bhola"
Collaboration  : Dr. Krishna Bhola Srivastava