बुधवार, 6 जुलाई 2011

धुन - "बोलो राम बोलो राम" # 4 0 0

Our Very Dear Readers 
Ram Ram,

Look at the problem we are faced with right now. Suddenly we are finding that our  messages can not be transcribed into the HINDI ( Devanagrii  script) .

Wonder if some one could guide us to solve this seemingly insurmountable technical hurdle.

Meanwhile please join us in singing this "Bolo Ram" Dhun with the very devoted members of the Chinmay Bhajan Group of ANDOVER (MA) USA .



Courtesy :
Shree Devi Kumar (chennai)
Chinmay Maruti Bhajan Group Andover (MA) USA

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Shree ने कहा…

Ram Ram,

Maybe it's a sign to start writing in English :-)

I will take a look, might be a problem because of the new version of blogger software that your account has been updated to.

Shree Devi

बेनामी ने कहा…


>>We've temporarily disabled the transliteration feature until we sort out a few issues with the feature. Engineers are looking into this and hope to have the feature re-enabled shortly.

Thanks for your patience.