सिया राम के अतिशय प्यारे,
अंजनिसुत मारुति दुलारे,
श्री हनुमान जी महाराज
के दासानुदास
श्री राम परिवार द्वारा
पिछले अर्ध शतक से अनवरत प्रस्तुत यह

हनुमान चालीसा

बार बार सुनिए, साथ में गाइए ,
हनुमत कृपा पाइए .

आत्म-कहानी की अनुक्रमणिका

आत्म कहानी - प्रकरण संकेत

मंगलवार, 4 जनवरी 2011

Responding to a comment ( Blog - # 2 5 9 )

प्रियजन ! आज "साधक साधन साधिये" को विश्राम देने का आदेश ह्मारे ऊपर वाले सम्पादक जी ने जारी कर दिया ! पिछले ६ मास से मेरी डाक में छुपे पड़े एक पत्र को "उन्होंने" सहसा मेरे सामने डाल  दिया और डांट कर कहा "प्यारे इसका उत्तर कौन देगा ?" अब आप ही कहें "उनकी" आज्ञा टालने का साहस भला मैं कैसे करता ,अस्तु आज क्षमा करें ,कल से फिर अपनी अनगरल वार्तालाप  चालू कर दूंगा !
Brookline MA 02445,USA
January 4, 2011 .

Very Dear Sameer ji,
Pranam, Ram Ram,

Thanks for your mail of August 7, 2010 which appeared before me for the first time today. Do not know how  and why ? However, I am genuinely SORRY for this delayed response and pray - Please do excuse me .

Hope U R continuing to go through my blogs and by now U have understood my position as an ordinary human in his 80s, who has been advised by HIM , to spend the remaining days of his life in recording his experiences in black &; white for the benefit of those , whom HE (the LORD) wishes to learn . Believe me Sameer Ji that I am not writing any of these blogs independently . I am being guided by HIM . As a matter of fact HE inspires me . I only act as HIS TOOL while HE is the operator. U may look at this blog of today which is absolutely out of context but is being executed because it is HIS WILL ,

Responding to your request - Films, Music , Ghazals, Bhajans Geets , and lastly "PREM-BHKTI" are my subjects of immense interest BUT the big BUT is that I should get the green signal and inspiration from HIM to touch the subject.

Very Dear one ! I shall advise U to go through my blogs as and when U find time, Do not let your essential duties suffer because of the blogs. I assure U ,by the Grace and Will of the LORD , U will find the material of your interest popping out of my earlier blogs and if HE is pleased to direct me it might B that my future blogs cover your subjects.

As a Teacher in DPS you R in a blessed profession. U can serve the community in a much effective way. Pass on the message of UNIVERSAL LOVE and the truth of existence of ONE and ONLY ONE MASTER (GOD) for the entire humanity . HE may be called by any name - RAM, KRISHNA, NARAIN , SHIV, ALLAH, KHUDA, GOD , JESUS , HOLY SPIRIT ,remembering that "HE" the lord is one and one only and HE resides in every ones heart . I suggest that if one has no time ,energy and means to visit ones Church, temple, mosque , he/she may look for HIM in his/ her own heart .There is a Urdu saying, I heard from my Dad long long ago :

!! दिल के आईने में है तस्वीरे यार , जब जरा गर्दन झुकाई देख ली !!

Also U must have heard the master piece filmi song sung by respected Morari Bapu in his discourses ,the words therein carry the gist of teachings of all world religions :

ज्योति से ज्योति जलाते चलो प्रेम की गंगा बहाते चलो !
राह में आयें जो दीँन दुख़ी सबको गले से लगाते चलो !!

Let the children in your charge have a dip in this holy "Prem Ki Ganga" and spread the message of PEACE & LOVE all around .U may approach your colleagues who are interested in Hindi and आध्यात्म to go through the blogs and give you a helping hand .I shall welcome comments from all of them.